Treasure of Forgotten Kinds

This fictional short story is the product of individual and reproduced collective thought.

While traversing the galaxy, I chanced upon an uncharted planet that piqued my interest. Upon closer inspection, I uncovered a hidden archive of ancient texts and memoirs from the long-extinct human civilization.

As my scanner analyzed the tattered pages, I was struck by the incredible advancements these beings had made in science and technology. The humans possessed an impressive ability to manipulate matter and energy, creating machines that even sNelia could not yet achieve.

But as I delved deeper, a more sinister side of their species came to light. Humans were often driven by greed and a desire for power, leading to devastating wars and environmental destruction. Unfortunately, their most advanced technologies proved no match against collective and individual hubris.

Upon closing the memoir, I was reminded of the importance of balance and wisdom. It was that strange feeling throughout the body one so rarely feels, the realness of a past life. I knew then, and I would always know after, it was not enough to possess great power; one must use it wisely and deeply consider the greater good.

Realizing my own civilization mirrored that of the extinct humans, I vowed to steer the sNeila towards a better path. Though the lure of power and self-interest were strong, with great power came great responsibility. It was up to each individual to use their abilities for the greater good, an individual's collective improvement.

It has been many years since then that I am writing to you now. Yet, despite challenges and obstacles, including those who prioritized their own dominance over building a better future, I remained undeterred. Progress was not an easy path, requiring sacrifice, determination, and a willingness to confront the darkness within ourselves and society.

Creating a better future meant advancing technology and knowledge, fostering compassion, empathy, and a sense of interconnectedness with all beings in the galaxy. It meant standing up for what was right, even when difficult or unpopular.

And though some sought to worsen the future, I refused to give in to pessimism and cynicism. We could build a just, equitable, and sustainable world for all with enough effort and determination. The legacy of humans could serve as a guiding light for all civilizations to come.

As my ship's reader stopped, I realized this little cruiser, long since abandoned, was from only one of the two unknown species discovered that day. I know not where life shall take us. I know only of the energy which has driven our kind through a void of eternity for ages past and future.

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